The Mountain


As far as height, he was 6’5”. Now, a man’s height is a big attraction to me—anywhere above six feet tall draws my eye. I am not sure I would have picked 6’5”, though. He was not particularly good looking, but he was smart, intellectually, and after a lengthy dry spell, I was desperate at that point to date anyone who took an interest in me. I had met him on a dating website, and we had had a good conversation at Starbucks—good enough to make me go out again to see if it would turn into anything. But he lived an hour and a half drive away, so if I was going to make an effort to see him, it would have to be worth it.

We arrange to meet half way between our homes in Westport, a beautiful tiny town along the Rideau Canal that grows along with the heat of tourist season. By the time I arrive, the sun is still strong, but beginning to drop in the sky. The warmth of the day remains and my light dress is sufficient for the time of the year.

We decide to take a walk up Foley Mountain before having dinner at a nearby pub. Foley Mountain is scarcely a mountain by any means, but a massive hill with an easily scalable, though steep face, rising out of the entirely flat surroundings. Although we could take the longer, gentler route along the road, we choose to scramble up the steep side of the hill to the top. Once there, we stand on the flat, granite stone looking out. The view is spectacular, the Foley mountainvillage scarcely interrupting the landscape of farmland and forest following the curves of the Rideau.

Going down is significantly harder than climbing up. By the time we decide to descend, the sun has slipped beyond the horizon and light is seeping fast from the sky. We did not have appropriate footwear and we stumble over boulders as there was no path to follow, my bare legs are scratched by brambles and branches. At last we emerge into the village at dusk, the light still enough that my date can see that the skirt of my dress is very high, seeming to cling to my ass in a most unusual fashion.

“Wait,” he says. He squats behind me, removing the burrs that bind my skirt to the lace of my panties. The touch of his fingers at the edge of my panties sends shivers up my spine and my cunt begins to tingle with desire.

“Thank you,” I say. He passes me the burrs as if to legitimize his touch.

From then on, the date is essentially over. The sexual tension is so high we can barely finish our pints and fries. Others are just arriving for an evening out of drinks and dancing. We, on the other hand are so overly anxious to leave, the others give knowing smiles fully aware that we are cutting the evening short for some other kind of fun.

We take his car back up the mountain by road. In the empty parking lot, below the canopy of the trees, the darkness is thick and almost impenetrable. We can hardly find our way to the short path. But then, emerging to the lookout, our eyes adjust to the flood of starlight that fills the sky, the town lays out dots of warm light below us. The view is breath-taking and I have so little to spare between kisses. I feel faint.

He spreads a blanket over the rock and we lay down. Despite the cooling air, the rock is still warm from the day of sun and my back curves against the gentle slope, feeling the hardness and warmth beneath my spine as he lies on me, his hard cock pressing against my pelvic bone as we continued to kiss beneath the stars.

I reach down between my legs to get a sense of what I thought was between my legs. Even through the jeans, I can tell he is massive, my fingers barely skirting the edge of his cock as the heal of my palm runs up the length. But I did not get the chance to explore more at this point in time.

He slides down my body, raising the skirt of my dress above my waist and peeling off my panties. I raised my hips to let them slide away from me. Completely exposed on the mountain side, in daylight I would have been on display to the world. But the darkness and distance, like a cloak, surrounded us and I felt no apprehension. His hands ran over my thighs, my hips, my belly, before at last, he gently pushes my legs apart and begins to caress my pussy, first with his hands and then with his lips and tongue. Looking up at the sky full of stars I am overwhelmed with sensation. I am certain there is no experience more incredible in the universe. It is—mind blowing.starry night..jpg

His tongue provokes me and my cunt drips, flows like a river over his face. For a moment he looks up at me and I coax him up. Tasting myself on his face, I clean him with kisses.

At last I sit and switch positions with him, pulling down his pants and underwear to reveal the largest cock I have ever seen in my life. Kneeling, I take it gently in my hand. My hands, not small by any means, barely encircle the girth and hand over fist does not even cover the length. I take the smooth head in my lips and caress it with my mouth tasting the pre-cum as it seeps from the tip. He sighs.

After, below him once again, our skin pressed against each other, his cock seems to pull him towards my slit. Neither of us have condoms. We hadn’t imagined that things would move so quickly or that we’d have the opportunity away from both our homes. But the desire overwhelms us. He probes the entry of my cunt with his cock. I don’t object but raise my hips to meet him, so he slides his huge cock into me. Now, the first penetration with any guy is always new and amazing, like the first time ever. But this time, in particular, is an entirely new experience. I am surprised that I can fit his entire cock within me although I am certain that even my organs shift to make room. And it feels so good. Both soft and hard at the same time, his cock fills me entirely. There is nothing else in the universe except this feeling and the stars above.

With each thrust, my hips respond, taking him fully into me without fear. Finally, I am so hot I need to come. I get on top of him and lower myself upon his pole, controlling just how much enters me and where it touches. I don’t take so much of him in now, pressing and running the hot head along my g-spot as I rise up on my knees again and again.

One hand grasps at my breast, the other reaches down to touch my clit. The feeling is so encompassing and overpower, I come hard, impaling myself on fully on his cock every muscle of my cunt squeezing on the hard flesh within me.

I am still sensitive and twitching from my orgasm when he grabs my hips with his hand, sinking his fingers into my soft flesh, and pushes my pelvis back and forth—one, two, three times, before he pulls me down as if he could be even further inside of me, and comes. I can feel the semen squirting against my cervix before, with so little room to go, it dribbles from my cunt around his still hard cock.

I lean forward to rest on his chest, but even that is uncomfortable, so I carefully lift myself from his body and lie beside him. For a while we stare at the stars before getting up to find our way back through the darkness and then each dividing to go to our separate homes.

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